Friday, 1 May 2009

I'll just Google it

"Google the most valuable Brand of the World"

Google the most valuable brand of the world changed the lexicon for the word, search. Now the phrase "I'll just Google it" has helped make the internet search giant become world’s first $100billion brand, beating other household names like Microsoft, and Coca Cola to McDonald's. 

The analysts of the Brandz Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands by consultants Millward Brown found that the company's value of $101.4 billion puts it 25 percent more valuable than computer software king Microsoft at $77.3 billion,(Top 100 valuable brand by value 2009)

Google, the brand has never advertised on TV – this may be little surprise but how google achived it? Brand building is not brand mantras, doctrines and advertising - these are tools to understand and spread the word. Brand building has got to do with delivering value to customers.

It is said that ultimate success of product lies in its brand name becomming a verb. Google is one such brand. Now google is officially listed as a verb in Oxford and Merrian Websters Colligiate dictionaries.

Google began as a dissertain project in January 1996 by larry Page, a Ph. D. Student at Stanford. It later evolved as one of the most popular invention on the internet and now it become the world most valuable brand.

It probably worth discussing what brands are. They are essentially a collection of perceptions in the mind of the customer or other stake holder. The easiest way to understand brands is to see them as “reputation”. In this way, the brand concept can be applied to anything from products and services to people.The brand characteristics people liked about Google are:

  • Clean, minimalist interface
  • Lack of in-your-face advertising links
  • Friendly
  • Credible source of information

Google is a very tightly run company. It knows how to build a powerful, profitable brand. Google makes money selling ads that are not in your face. Google puts you first. Do you know the total size of the Google homepage? 11 KB.

"We count bytes because our users have modems, so it costs them to download our pages,”                                                           - Urs Holzle, vice president of engineering for Google.

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