Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Cleavage Marketing

How do you attract the Unstoppable One? The one with no inhibitions? The one who could care less what the neighbours think. The one who's totally committed and driven to do the business?

Well the best way is to tickle their curiosity. And to do that, less is more. Mystery creates curiosity. That's why a little cleavage beats a totally stripped down person everytime.
Our tendency - as sellers - is tell-all marketing. We want to make it big, persuasive and impressive.

Tell-All Marketing: Especially in Network Marketing we all tend to say too much when speaking with a prospect. We are anxious to show our prospect what a great product and company we have. We want to be persuasive, after all a person would have to be an idiot not to join us.

Cleavage Marketing: Some prospects may be impressed with tell-all marketing, but most people are turned off by it. They have heard it before.
Cleavage marketing is a better way: show a little, and then walk away. Titillate them so they come back for more.
Start by showing the benefits of your product or service. How can it make their life better? Can it make them stronger, smarter, younger, or slimmer? Will it grow hair, remove rust, fight decay or make them money. Lead them down the road you want them to travel. Tease them. Show them how you can help. Make them want your service or product.

Compare that to Madonna's mystery marketing approach. For 25 years, she has earned hundreds of times more each year than what the best strippers make. Why? A guess (forget the singing)...she NEVER takes it ALL off.
She knows the power of showing only some cleavage. It generates mystique. She never shows it all. And her fans (millions and millions) keep coming back and buying again and again and again. She knows cleavage marketing works better than tell-all marketing.

Once you’ve given customers a glimpse of what you have to offer and teased them a bit, it’s time to deliver. Make sure you deliver!! If you told them they’ll be stronger, smarter, younger, or slimmer by using your product or service – make sure they are! Nothing dooms a business faster than making claims they can’t live up to.
Customers will feel betrayed if they’ve been led down a path only to be let down. Whether it’s your service or your product, make sure you follow through with your customers. A happy customer is a walking advertisement for your business. An unhappy customer spreads gloom wherever they go.

A corporation these days doesn't want to cross the line and expose too much, or too little, about their business or product. They simply want to get just enough exposure, to get enough interest to keep the shareholders happy.

Excite your customers by giving them a glimpse of what you’ve got and how it can help them. Use action words to lead them down the path you want to travel and then tell them what to do – whether it’s signing up for your mailing list, buying your product or calling for a consultation. Mostly importantly, be sure to follow through because no one likes a tease. Keep your copy focused on the benefits your customers receive and you’ll be writing wisely.

"Corporate Cleavage" exists in every business today. Expose too much and you may damage your business to the point of no return.
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