Saturday, 28 March 2009

Media Innovations

Media agencies plays a very important role for positioning of any product or services which are invention of creative minds. Invention is the first occurrence of an idea for a new product or process, while innovation is the first attempt to carry it out into practice. Innovation begin with creative ideas and ends with the succesfull implementation of those creative ideas. Media agencies play a very important role in this context. Media agencies always get excited with the word innovatoin. Here we will discuss some of the media innovations from the recent past.

Saffola and BBC World service trust were at the top of the media innovaion last year.

Last year on world heart day, the refined oil brand tied up with six radio stations in Mumbai to spread the message on Heart care. “The task was to coax listeners, who are otherwise passive and lethargic about their health to spare a thought for their heart,” With all radio stations playing the sound of heart beat in a particular time band minus any music jingle, it created a god impact with about 8,000 people opting for a cholestrol test after listening to the campaign.

Next pick is the ‘Say Condom Aloud’ campaign done for BBC World Service Trust. The activity started with the ‘Say CONDOM Aloud’ campaign aired across TV, radio and cinema halls. In the second leg, the words ‘Kabaddi’ used by the players got replaced with the word ‘Condom’ in the game. In a country like India, getting people to say the word ‘Condom’ aloud without any embarrasment was the challenge. The campaign was well received and as per NACO, condom sale through govt. channel grew by 5 million unit.

A public health campaigne done by media agency for Colgate to promote the dental care brand’s oral health camps. The difference herein was getting the lead character of popular serials on Star Plus to espouse the merits of such an initiative without sticking out like a sore thumb. E.g. “If the serial was Baa Bahu Aur Baby, then the camp would be spoken about in a comic situation which goes well with the theme of the program.” it was a welcome change from print and TV and is cost effective compared to paying for commercial spots. The result — an increase of 35% registrations for the oral care camp,

The work done for TVS scooty Women on wheels lists as one of the good work done last year. It is a very gud example of women empowerment. TVS wanted to create relevance and need for the brand among women in small-town and non-metros. The scooty Institutes was set up to promote learning riding a two wheeler among women, with promotion through leaflets, posters and calenders in local languages.

Another interesting outdoor campaign was a campaign done by Euro RSCG for Good people India, A talent sourcing firm, where exterior window cleaning lifts on skyscrapers were branded with the message ‘Jobs Available’

Similarly a hoarding by Bingo in Mumbai caught the eye due to the bright colours and a rotating triangular potato chip to promote its variant Mad Angles.

Source: Road less travelled(ET-Brand Equity)

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