Monday, 17 August 2009

Liril 2000

After a long long time, the iconic Liril is back. Yesterday I saw the new tvc for Liril. The campaign looks foreign, complete with foreign models and settings.The ad claims that using Liril will rejuvenate those 2000 body points to keep you FRESH...

The question here is that why that iconic brand was faded over from the market? What exactly has happened that a brand as iconic as Liril would need a crutch, and an international one at that? Why would the brand that once was defined by sizzling models — Karen Lunel, Pooja Batra, Preity Zinta, Tara Sharma, Anjali Jathar to name a few — exhibited playfulness and appealed to youth suddenly move into a family domain? Liril without the girl-in-the-waterfall - is the brand is going backwards instead of going forward? Will new Liril 2000 be able to regain its market share?

The new ad has a touch of class, The new tvc talks about 2000 points in our body which when touched will refresh us!!!! The ad uses the theme of a playful interaction between a father and baby to drive home the power of touch and these 2000 sensitive body points. But it does not gel with the brand image of Liril that we had in our mind. Liril always tried to position by sizziling models – Liril girls in the waterfall. Some of the Liril models became household names once they were chosen as Liril girls. Customers will decide whether the new makeover of Liril works or not.

HUL vice president - home care Sudhanshu Vats believes that Liril needed the makeover to become relevant to a whole new generation. He says that in the earlier context, the lady using the bath to escape into a world of fantasy does not hold water anymore in a society that’s increasingly moving from a joint family set-up to a nuclear family: “Closeness and bonding are the current needs.” The touch proposition of Liril he says fits in with that.

This is not the first time, the brand has attempted to move away from its past. When the brand’s market share that was once at 14% of the overall soap segment — putting Liril among the top three Lever soap brands, the other two being Lifebuoy and Lux — began sliding, Liril tried every variant trick.

  • Liril had a shower gel in 1994, a cologne variant in 1996, Liril Rain fresh in 1999, and even an Orange and Icy Blue variant followed by an Aloe Vera and Lemon introduction. 
  • The company keeps constantly shifting its stance on the brand moving the Liril girl from bathing under the waterfall, to bathing scenes in the desert, the Iceland’s, the car wash.
  • After the dumping of the famous imagery of Liril girl and the waterfall, the brand has never recovered. The fall of this iconic brand was accelerated by some stupid campaigns like Uff Umma and mindless product-line extensions like Orange Liril.

Another interesting development is that the entire product has also being changed. The brand packaging has been changed to dark green and the shape of the soap is also changed.

This new brand Liril – 2000 is completely replicate the earlier ads but they can creatively be able to take the advantage of that brand image which is still there in consumer’s mind. Today the brand has a lowly 1.3% market share by value. It is too early to say whether Liril 2000 will be able to regain its market share or not. Virtually it looks like that Levers is firing one final arrow into the dark in the hope that it will somehow strike bulls-eye.  The consumer will decide everything …… 

Journey of Liril: Liril to Liril 2000

1975-87 Karen Lunel (The Liril Girl) - Liril comes alive!, Come alive to Liril freshness, The freshness soap, Makes a fresh new woman of you
1987-90 Sonali Mehta - With the exciting freshness of lime, The original freshness soap
1991-92 Anjali Jathar - Nimboo ki sansanati taazgi, Taazgi ke do roop, Liril taazgi, Rushing, gushing fresh
1993 Pooja Batra - Non-stop fresh
1994 Ruchi Malhotra - Aah!
1997 Preity Zinta Aah!
1999 Hrishita Thakker - Taazgi mein tunn
2001-2002 Tara Sharma - Ice try karoge, Taazgi meri marzi
2004 Deepika Padukone - Uff-Umma
2004 Candice Boucher La-I-Ra-I-La
2009 Rejuvenates all 2000 body parts of your body

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