Saturday, 23 January 2010

Management Lessons from Movie "3 Idiots"

1. Never try to be Successful

Success is the bye-product. Excellence always creates success. So, never run after the success, let it happen automatically in the life.

2. Freedom to Life

Don’t die before actual death. Live every moment to the fullest as you are going to die today night. Life is gifted to humankind to live and live happily.

3. Passion leads to Excellence

When your hobby becomes your profession and passion becomes your profession. You will be able to lead up to excellence in the life. Satisfaction, pleasure, joy and love will be the outcome of following passion. Following your passion for years, you will surely become something one day.

4. Learning is very simple

Teachers do fail. Learners never fail. Learning is never complicated or Learning is always possible whatever rule you apply.

5. Pressure at Head

Current education system is developing pressures on students’ head. University intelligence is useful and making some impact in the life but it cannot be at the cost of the life.

6. Life is Emotion Management not Intelligence Optimization

Memory and regular study have definite value and it always helps you in leading a life. You are able to survive even if you can make some mark in the path of the life. With artificial intelligence, you can survive and win but you cannot prove yourself genius. Therefore, in this process genius dies in you.

7. Simplicity is Life

Desires have no ends. Simplicity is way of life and Indian culture highly stresses on simple living and high thinking, and this is the way of life: ‘Legs down to earth and eyes looking beyond the sky’.

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