Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Microsoft vs. Google

In the second half of 2010, Google plans to launch the Google Chrome OS, an operating system designed from the ground up to run the Chrome web browser on netbooks. “It’s our attempt to re-think what operating systems should be,” Google writes on its blog. MS and Google are trading salvos

This is Google dropping the mother of bombs on its chief rival, Microsoft.

Chrome Vs MS: It’s a genius play. So many people are buying netbooks right now, but are running WIndows XP on them. Windows XP is 8 years old. It was built to run on Pentium IIIs and Pentium 4s. Google Chrome OS is built to run on both x86 architecture chips and ARM chips, like the ones increasingly found in netbooks. It is also working with multiple OEMs to get the new OS up and running next year.

This Chrome OS will be lightweight and fast just like the browser itself. But also just like the browser, it will be open-sourced. Think Microsoft will be open-sourcing Windows anytime soon?

Google Inc's bid to compete with Microsoft Corp's Windows operating system may help lower the cost of personal computers at a time when prices are already being pinched by inexpensive netbooks.

Although Windows is the dominant operating system -- installed on 90 percent of the world's PCs, Microsoft won't take Google's challenge lightly. There is a wild card in all of this still for Microsoft: Windows 7. While Windows XP is 8 years old, and Windows Vista is just generally considered to be a bad OS for net books, Windows 7 could offer a good netbook experience. Analysts said. Its new Windows 7 operating system will be available in October. "Microsoft's strategy is likely to be to compete on price".

Chrome is a shot across the MS bow, but Bing is a shot across Google's bow.

MS Bing Vs Google: Microsoft’s search engine officially has a new name, Bing. The name, along with some new features, opens the latest chapter in Microsoft’s quest to best Google in the search engine wars.

Can’t Google it? Microsoft will help you Bing it.

Microsoft is calling Bing a “decision engine” because it refines results more carefully and offers topics of related interest. It will recognize your search terms and offer refinements in a menu on the left. For example, enter “Star Trek” and it will offer the top results plus links to images, cast details, wallpapers, the theme tune, DVDs and episode guides. Whilst Google offers a list of 92 million links, Bing only has 52 million results but could offer more appropriate materials and related search terms.

So now you’re probably thinking will I start using Bing instead of Google?

Brand loyalty is a powerful thing, especially when it comes to technology. Consider the battle brewing now between Google and Microsoft’s new search engine, Bing. Even if Bing proves to be just as good as Google, it might not matter because of the strength of Google’s brand. An independent usability and consumer preference study, which we’ve obtained.

Coming to the main feature, Bing does provide a detailed search result with mouse over the links on the search result. Bing also provides the features of Video and Image searching but have to wait and see how accurate it is when compared to Google.
According to experts review, Bing is a robust search engine. Are you thinking of whether Bing will replace Google in future? Well wait for few months and see if your neighbors, friends are using Bing , if so then it has already replaced Gogle.

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