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IMC analysis of Times of India - 1

TIMES OF INDIA - a news paper of choices, News paper of every India is the Largest News Paper of INDIA. Times of India having widest circulation among all english language news paper in the world serving its services to the nation from 1838. We did the Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) analysis of Times of India and reach out on certain conclusion. In our certain upcoming posts we will discuss about the IMC strategis of TOI and message bihind the marketing communication mix used by TOI. Here in This article we will discuss various campaigns started by Times of India and conclusion

Background of Times Of India-
The Times Group (Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd.) is the largest media services conglomerate in India. It is headed by brothers Samir and Vineet Jain. It reaches out from:
  • 11 publishing centers
  • 15printing centers
  • 55sales offices
  • Over 7000 employees
  • 5 dailies including two of the largest in the country with approx 4.3 million copies circulated daily
  • 2 lead magazines
  • 29 niche magazines
  • Reaching 2468 cities and towns
  • 32Radio Stations
  • 2 Television News Channel
  • 1 Television Life Style Channel
  • Turnover in excess of USD 700 million

The Times of India was founded on November 3, 1838 as The Bombay Times and Journal of Commerce, during the British Raj. It adopted its present name in 1861(daily editions of the paper were started from 1850). The Bombay Times and Journal of Commerce was launched as a bi-weekly edition (Published every Saturday and Wednesday).

It was after India's Independence that the ownership of the paper passed on to the then famous industrial family of Dalmiyas and later it was taken over by Sahu Shanti Prasad Jain of the Sahu Jain group from Bijnore, UP.

The Times of India is published by the media group Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd. This company, along with its other group companies, known as The Times Group, also publishes The Economic Times, Mumbai Mirror, the Navbharat Times (a Hindi-language daily broadsheet), the Maharashtra Times (a Marathi-language daily broadsheet).

In January 2007, the Kannada edition was launched in Bangalore and in April 2008 the Chennai edition was launched. Their main rivals in India are The Hindu and Hindustan Times, which hold second and third position by circulation

Today, the Times of India comes with several city-specific supplements, such as Delhi Times, Calcutta Times, Bombay Times, Hyderabad Times, Kanpur Times, Lucknow Times, Nagpur Times, Bangalore Times, Pune Times, Ahmedabad Times and Chennai Times, The Times of South Mumbai, The Times of Doon, Meerut Plus, Haridwar Plus.

Observation -
From the last 20-25 years Times of India using various communication channels very effectively. During the last 3 year TOI mainly focused on social causes and run various campaigns. In this section we will discuss various campaigns of TOI
  • India poised
  • Teach India
  • Lead India
  • Mr. and Mrs. DT
India Poised

  • TOI began the year 2007 by making it “Year of India” and launching a 6 week long “India Poised” campaign.
  • This campaign was to bring out areas of public governance, infrastructure, health, business and Economy, environment, social sector and culture to sort out stars from non-performance
  • They were to bring out India readiness for any serious claims to international fame.
  • They showcased the story of Indians who were performing well.

India Poised

TOI began the year 2007 by making it – ‘Year of India’ and launched a 6 week long campaign – ‘India poised’, Celebrating 60 year of independence





TV Commercial_____________________

India Vs India – Amitabh Bachchan and Gulzar

- India is competing against India only

- India Vs India/ Bharat banam Bharat

-AB, Gulzar trying to highlight the opportunities and barriers to growth of country

-Amitabh bachchan TV commercial ad Location shows the progress India made in Infrastructure

- Ads were in both Hindi and English languages

- Amitabh Bachchan TV add location – Bandra worli sea link bridge itself explain the meaning of ad

- Anthem is specially targeting the youth – motivational and inspirational

A day in the life of India Video ads –

- Road Banner,

- Sarkari daftar,

- Cricketer,

- Kitty Party,

- Desh ki dharti,

- Election Campaign

- Old man Grandson etc.

- TOI brings every kind a news related to life of each individual of an Indian

- Newspaper of everyone

- Trust on TOI (Old man Grandson Ad)

- Daily life of an individual (Kitty Party)

- Corruption in the govt. Office (Sarki Daftar Ad)

- Touches the relation between farmer and Land, Patriotism

- Cricketer – Busy in advertising and cricket as well (Sachin)

- Touches various aspects of daily life of an Indian – Corruption, Problems, Enjoyment, Trust, Patriotism

- Emotional Route

- Message is not clear – What actually they want to communicate

- targeting all age groups

Print Ads_____________________

India Poised ads

- India Vs India

- Our time is now – it’s time to do and to take initiative

- Celebrating 60 year of independence

- Economy, Judicial, Power Sector, Infrastructure, Winning international event – asking for growing India

A day in the life of India – Celebration time forever ads

- 1 newspaper of every citizen irrespective of cast and religion

- celebration times forever

-very colourful and attractive posters designed for every festival

-100 festival, 1 celebration, 1 news paper

-Promoting themselves as a secular newspaper

- connect emotionally

- Targeting the people from each age group and each religion

A day in the life of India – inspirational print ad

- They have something for everybody

- Do not just follow what is there, always have several choices in the hand and choose the right option

- Newspaper of choices not judgment

-adopting a rational route

- targeting youth

Teach India

  • TOI initiative – they have tie up with several NGO’s already contributing to the cause. They were looking forward to teach the underprivileged by involving the society. First time launched this campaign for 6 weeks in 2008. After successful completion of the campaign in 09 they again launch the same campaign in 09.

Teach India





TV Commercial_____________________

Amir Khan – teach India Ad

- Let’s learn to teach –

- Your knowledge is incomplete unless and until u don’t teach the illiterate

- Aamir khan saying he himself afraid of teacher but still he can teach

- After Tare Zameen Par – Amir khan have good image as a teacher

- Message is very Clear

- targeting Youth

TV Commercial - Akshar/ Alphabets written on the t-shirt of illitrate peron becom complete when that person meet with an literate person.

- Every individual can take charge of at least one illiterate

- Showing that when every literate associates with an illiterate then the education of both is complete

- Interdependency

- Education can be spread through the support of literate section of the society

- Message is very clear and emotional

- Secular ad – everyone need equal education

Road cross ad

- Spare yourself

- Children standing on divider, passing by cars are like their future

- to cross that road of education they need your help

- Don’t leave them in mid way

-they don’t need money they need your continuous support

-the message is being conveyed


- Each one Teach One

- With a population of over 287 million illiterate Indians, we need motivated teachers in every corner of the country to go back to school.

- It is this statement which saw some 6-7 months back in a full-page Ad of the TOI Teach India campaign

Promotional Events_____________________

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with Bollywood star Aamir Khan -

- To let people know that even the rich and the famous are a part of the campaign

- Amir Khan and Hillary Clinton promoting the event.

- U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton with Bollywood star Aamir Khan at Teach India and Teach for India programme organized at St. Xavier`s College in Mumbai on Saturday.

Print Hording_____________________

various billboards

- Lets learn to teach

- to remind them whenever they see the same billboard

- similar billboards are placed in various parts of the cities

- easiest way to keep reminding people while driving.

Lead India

  • “Lead India 2009 is the campaign started by Times of India to create awareness among voters across India and bring the critical issues in front of the voters.
  • Leading the India’s growth
  • Either we can hope for a change or take initiative to change – Lets make this vote count

Lead India





TV Commercial_____________________

Abhishek Bachchan Ad

- Youth wants to change the system and make it better

- must give the vote

- Abhishek Bachchan targeting the youth which is fed up from the system and which want changes

- Encouraging them to take initiative and become the part of the system

- make your vote count

- Targeting Youth

- The campaign specifically launched during the election to increase the polling rate among the youth

- Youth who do not vote and always talk about change in system

- Youth who do not understand the importance of the voting which can lead to changes in the system

Various celebrity ad

- Voting is the first step to all the solution of the society from rural to urban area

- Lets make your vote count

- Kuch nahi ho sakta is desh kakya wakai kuch nai ho saktaho sakta haiVote

-Different celebrities bringing out the problems from various section of the society

-asking the question to the audience – is there any solution

-only one solution – start voting, let’s make your vote count

-message is very clearly understood

-they are targeting to both rural and urban India

- they could have promoted secular voting

- targeting people of each age group

Children add

- Phalak Pakad ke uthohawa pakad ke chalo - tumchalo to hindustaan chale

- don’t wait for others to take the initiative, why not u take it, others will follow

-why follow others, why not make others follow you

-there is a problem

-politician ran away

-people waiting for someone to come and blaming the system

-an innocent child takes the initiative and makes others to follow him

-finally without the help of system they solved the problem

-patriotic anthem

- delivering the message clearly

- making people realize their potential

- making corrupted people feel ashamed - not doing anything about the existing problems

Print Ads_____________________

I Swear

- By voting you can destroy all evil elements from the society to give your children something good to vote for

- They are asking every individual to take a pledge against every wrong thing prevailing in the society

- they are trying to cover up every body

- they are talking about very small issues in the society

- they are not giving solution but they are trying to build up socially responsible citizens

Mr. and Mrs. DT -

  • Mr. and Miss DT contest is the country's first and only contest of its kind that picks the hottest and happening fresher’s on campus. Delhi University most happening fresher’s competition, which is the buzzing word around the campuses of Delhi University’s colleges.

Mr. and Mrs DT - Another successful campaign by TOI, Which is again centered on Youth

Print Ads_____________________





Delhi Times – Mr. and Mrs. DT

- You will be hottest fresh face of Delhi.

- A boy and girl face on the front page of DT

- Attracting the fresher’s of colleges in Delhi

- targeting Youth at the initial stage when they are entering into college

- Making them their customer (Regular DT Reader)


1.) It has been found that over the year supplement provided by times of India which is Delhi times has gained more popularity than the main newspaper. The younger generation is keener on reading what’s happening in that section rather than going through the main newspaper. This shows that there is a demand for a newspaper in the market which resembles the language and the looks of Delhi times. They can look forward to launch a new newspaper especially for this segment so that they can maintain the image of their original brand.

2.) They have taken up issues like voting, education, growth and development of the county, one can say that they are trying to connect emotionally to the people of India. They have taken a patriotic route at times they try to associate themselves to the freedom struggle through some of their print adds.

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