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IMC analysis of TOI - 2

"Times Of India - 100 festival, 1 News paper, 1 celebration "

In the Last article - "IMC analysis of TOI - 1" we discussed about the various campaigns which TOI started during last three years like Lead India, India Poised, Teach India, Mr. and Mrs DT. Conclusion which we find out by IMC study of these campaigns were
  • TOI mainly targeted youth,
  • Supplement provided by Times of India which is Delhi Times has gained more popularity than main Newspaper.
  • Build a brand image in India but they need to launch a seperate news paper for youth
  • Adopt the emotional route - taken up issues like voting, education, growth and development of the county, one can say that they are trying to connect emotionally to the people of India.
  • They have taken a patriotic route at times they try to associate themselves to the freedom struggle through some of their print adds.
Further in this section we discuss about the communication mix of TOI and discuss various integrating factor which we find out from over the year study of Integrating Marketing Communication of TOI.

Integrating Factor of TOI IMC-

Refer this fig to know all about the varius Print Ads, TV Commercial, Events, Outdoors launched by TOI from 1970 to 2009
  • Over the year their main focus has been the youth
  • They believe that if they capture the youth, they capture the India
  • All the social campaigns and events are focused in north and west India only
  • They have a strong market in the western India and they have been able to capture the market in northern India but they know if they want to expand throughout the country, they can do so only if they be able to connect to people throughout the country and these social causes (which TOI raised by various social campaigns) are common everyone. Everybody can easily connect to them.
  • Why times of India adopted such a route - we believe that - in order to expand over whole nation they took up issues which are common everywhere, took help of celebrities in some of the campaigns, brought a new anthem written by Gulzar and composed and sung by shankar, ehsaan, loy. All these may be a part of a long term strategy to expand their market throughout the country.

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